Need hemming or other alterations?


No matter what you need done, bring your item to us.

  • Hemming - including pants, skirts, dresses, shirts, coats and more.
  • Alterations and repairs of Suits and Uniforms - including mens and ladies suits, uniforms for school, work, military.
  • Formal wear alterations and repairs- including bridesmaid dresses, grad dresses, tuxedos. alteration)
  • Leather alterations and repairs - including leather and leatherette coats, dresses and pants
  • Draperies and comforters alterations, hemming and repair.
  • Tapering clothing, shortening and lengthening sleeves, altering waistlines and more.
  • Repairs, button replacement, patching - including repairing or replacing zippers, patching pants and jeans and more.
  • All garments can be dropped off at any of our locations. For hemming, items which have been pinned to required specifications can be dropped off at any location as well.

    For more precise measuring, or on-location measuring, our tailor is available at our Mission Park location during the following times:

    • Monday - Wednesday - Friday 9:00am - 1:00pm