We are committed to our enviroment!


Eco Clean Cleaning Centres is the Okanagan's only environmentally friendly, full service dry cleaning company. Centrally found in four locations in Kelowna and one in Vernon, we are close to everyone and open early to greet you with a smile. Eco Clean is 100% Perc Free, signifying that we do not use Perchloroethylene, a cancer causing chemical used by most dry cleaners. At Eco Clean, we offer specific services for dry cleaning and pressing, and we dryclean and/or launder a wide variety of items such as shirts, pants, suits, outwear, wedding gowns, comforters and bedspreads, sleeping bags and more.

In 2004, Eco-Clean took a major environmental step and replaced their perchloroethylene (perc) dry cleaning machines with state-of-the-art hydrocarbon machines. In contrast, the petroleum-based solvents most drcleaners use can be extremely hazardous to the earth and people. This new hydrocarbon solvent EcoSolv® fluid is 100% biodegradable. EcoSolv®® dry cleaning fluid is essentially odorless, reducing the need for any form of deodorizing. Our customers appreciate how very soft, bright, clean and fresh their garments smell when you use EcoSolv® fluid. Once garments are dry cleaned, they are pressed and packaged in fully bio-degradable plastic bags ready for pick-up.

What is Drycleaning?

Dry Cleaning is a method of cleaning fabric that uses little or no water, hence the name 'Dry Cleaning'. Instead of water, the solvent works with the soap and sizing to clean and restore your clothes. At Eco-Clean, state of the art equipment is maintained to the highest standards. This ensures that garments are cleaned and dried in a safe and hygienic environment. The machines are computer controlled so that each load is treated according to the types of garments it contains. Although most people just call everything "drycleaning" when they send or bring us their items, we actually also often launder the items, rather than dryclean them. Both methods are effective for cleaning material, and we will use whichever methods best tackles the job at hand.

What Kind of Solvent?

We use EcoSolv® dry cleaning fluid which is odourless and colourless. Because EcoSolv® is not as aggressive as the most widely used dry cleaning solvent, perchlorethylene (perc), it is safe to use on most garments and delicate fabrics. EcoSolv® is environmentally friendly, producing only recyclable waste. The general public will be interested to know that EcoSolv® cleaning fluid is reused, recycled, filtered and distilled to remove impurities. All waste by-products derived from this process to include detergents and spot removal products are collected by licensed waste recycling companies.

  • EcoSolv® makes whites whiter and colours brighter
  • EcoSolv® cleans delicate classification fabrics
  • EcoSolv® doesn't remove the natural products from your clothes
  • EcoSolv® leaves your clothes looking and feeling new
  • EcoSolv® leaves virtually no odour after cleaning
  • EcoSolv® is gentle to accessories, special trims and buttons